A new house perched on a hilly site, with the main panoramic view facing West.

The challenge was “grabbing” the mountains across from it while asking the sun to be gentle in the afternoon.

Thus we devised a custom metal brise-soleil that would reduce the harsh light into the house while allowing for a view out and above.

The house’s shape fans around the hill following its gentle contours while upper windows help bring natural light and ventilation deep in the center of the house.

While this is a single story house, there’s a terrace served by an exterior metal stair.

Once on this upper level, you can look back into the main core of the house, the family room, from an upper side window, thus blurring the demarcation of exteriors and interiors, as if you were to walk out of the house and above it, and then visually re-enter it.
A sort of Klein vase.